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Wed, Oct 27, 2021
Passage: Matthew 6:33
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 38 mins 42 secs
Biblical prosperity has multiple components.
Sun, Oct 24, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 41 mins 32 secs
When you have true faith, things can happen for you that previously seemed unlikely.
Wed, Oct 20, 2021
Duration: 40 mins 37 secs
When we use wisdom and discernment, our lives will be so much better and fulfilled.
Wed, Oct 13, 2021
Duration: 41 mins 21 secs
Values are so important, and must be taught.
Sun, Oct 10, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 32 mins 57 secs
Our lives as believers must be lived in faith. We walk by faith. That is how we thrive.
Wed, Oct 06, 2021
Duration: 39 mins 36 secs
One generation must teach the next generation the principles of wisdom.
Sun, Oct 03, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 24 mins 17 secs
We are in a spiritual war. Prepare yourself to walk in the victory Christ has already won.
Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 5 secs
The prophet Isaiah offered hope for the future.
Wed, Sep 22, 2021
Passage: Ezra 10:1-12
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 3 secs
Ezra demonstrated his faith by his actions. Faith needs corresponding action to be effective.
Sun, Sep 19, 2021
Passage: James 1:12
Series: Sunday
Duration: 40 mins 31 secs
Endurance is a necessity if we are to make it in this life.