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Wed, Mar 10, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 35 mins 43 secs
There is only ONE True and Living God!
Sun, Mar 07, 2021
Duration: 35 mins 56 secs
The Black Church is a crucial component of black history.
Wed, Mar 03, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 9 secs
Women played a vital role in he Scriptures. Lydia, an example of being saved and serving in ministry of hospitality
Sun, Feb 28, 2021
Duration: 54 mins 40 secs
Black lives matter.
Wed, Feb 24, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 24 secs
Priscilla, taught and ministered, along with her husband. There is much power in families serving together in ministry.
Sun, Feb 21, 2021
Duration: 35 mins 7 secs
Leah Chase, of renown restaurant Dooky Chase in New Orleans, was a culinary legend.
Wed, Feb 17, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 32 secs
Mary Magdalene's life was radically changed when she met Jesus. She became a very faithful disciple and follower of Christ.
Sun, Feb 14, 2021
Duration: 28 mins 56 secs
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have played an integral part in the advancement of African Americans, and continues to.
Wed, Feb 10, 2021
Passage: John 4:1-42
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 33 secs
Jesus ministered to the woman at the well, and transformed her life. We to are called to evangelize and share the love of Jesus.
Sun, Feb 07, 2021
Passage: Mark 9:21
Series: Sunday
Duration: 35 mins 28 secs
We've all been given a portion of faith. How we choose to respond to it makes the difference in the results we experience. Believing, with action, is the key.