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Wed, Apr 28, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 36 mins 17 secs
Despair and depression sets in, and try to steal your life and hope. BUT, the God of hope will see you through. Cast your anxieties, worries, depressions and despair upon HIM.
Sun, Apr 25, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 35 mins 47 secs
Often we have the question, 'what must I do God?'.
Wed, Apr 21, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 41 mins 23 secs
David and Elijah found themselves at places of despair and hopelessness. But, they overcame by realizing who the source of their hope was.
Sun, Apr 18, 2021
Passage: Psalm 130:1-8
Series: Sunday
Duration: 41 mins 36 secs
It is time to cry out to God from the depths of your soul.
Wed, Apr 14, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 42 mins 11 secs
We all face disappointment in life. How do you deal with it?
Sun, Apr 11, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 45 mins 15 secs
In order to rebuild the lost and broken things, we must work together. Nehemiah is a great example.
Wed, Apr 07, 2021
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 40 mins 22 secs
Elijah was a courageous prophet. Even with his life on the line, he was determined to see God glorified.
Sun, Apr 04, 2021
Series: Sunday
Duration: 37 mins 21 secs
The grave couldn't hold Him. God raised Jesus from the grave!
Wed, Mar 31, 2021
Passage: Matthew 21
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 38 mins 58 secs
The Passion Week, also known as Holy Week, was filled with many events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.
Sun, Mar 28, 2021
Passage: Luke 9:18
Series: Sunday
Duration: 38 mins 57 secs
Jesus announced that He was headed to Calvary, and that He would be raised from the dead.