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Sun, Jun 21, 2020
Passage: Luke 15:11-20
Duration: 41 mins 58 secs
Happy Father's Day. A good father is one who has compassion.
Wed, Jun 17, 2020
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 35 mins 27 secs
Is your life conforming to the image of Christ?
Sun, Jun 14, 2020
Duration: 43 mins 54 secs
You've labored, you've sown. Your due season is coming if you don't give up.
Wed, Jun 10, 2020
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 37 mins 1 sec
In all things, we can find Christ.
Sun, Jun 07, 2020
Duration: 34 mins 24 secs
Let us break bread together in remembrance of Jesus' broken body and shed blood. It's Holy Communion. This we do in remembrance of HIM.
Wed, Jun 03, 2020
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 35 mins 12 secs
Studying the Scriptures is vitally important to our spiritual growth and sustenance.
Sun, May 31, 2020
Passage: Acts 2:1-13
Duration: 42 mins 15 secs
The outpouring of the Holy Ghost took place at Pentecost. Oh how we need the Holy Ghost Power in our lives today!
Wed, May 27, 2020
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 36 mins 30 secs
Don't give up! Endure! Look to Jesus for strength to keep going.
Sun, May 24, 2020
Duration: 37 mins 12 secs
We can live fruitful lives as Christians.
Wed, May 20, 2020
Series: Mid Week
Duration: 35 mins 31 secs
We have been invited to come with confidence to God's throne of grace, to find the help we need.